Friday, June 20, 2014

Eine Kleine Fantasie Musik

Music is a wonderful thing.  I try to incorporate it into my writing, if only using it as inspiration.  Music can be a form of story telling in and of itself, and sometimes I feel that, pound for pound, it is more effective than prose. 

Every once in a while I like dabbling in making music.  Just for fun.  And occasionally I will see a post on a forum or read an article with reference to folks who make "trailers" as promotional tools for their books.  It is not a tool I have ever used myself, but it got me thinking that, as the main distribution method for these trailers seems to be YouTube, it may be difficult, especially for amateur authors, to find appropriately licensed music to accompany the visual portion of the presentation. 

With that said, I may release little tracks here from time to time under a creative commons license so that others can freely use the audio for trailers (or any purpose).  The first of these might appeal to authors of epic fantasy as it does have a bit of an epic crescendo in the middle.  It is nothing fancy, quite simple actually, but it might be useful to someone, somewhere.  I apologize for the slight sloppiness of the timing.  The rubber mechanisms underneath the keys of my poor old keyboard are disintegrating, making them a little unreliable. 

Anyhow, here is the piece:
P.S. A [link] for those who can't see the widget.

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